Fat Rolls in a Nutshell

Fat Rolls started as a breakfast only bakery, centered around the idea that the bread comes first. Our initial concept included bready cinnamon rolls, where filling and toppings were there to add flavor to a roll. As we have continued to grow menu items have been added and removed, but our core concept remains. Our bakery is founded on bread.

The owner and founder is Jean. She is a certified chef with a degree in baking and pastry arts. The reasoning behind getting her degree was not to open a business, but to benifit her family. The idea of opening a bakery came later. Now her skills are put to use to benifit many families in the area.

Our goal at Fat Rolls is not to become a large company, but to provide quality products. Why make 1000 thing that aren't great when you can have a little patience and create something amazing? We make sure the ingredients going into our baking and sandwiches is high quality. We thuroughly test new items before they go public. We make what we want because if you don't care about what you're making it's obvious. Basically, if we don't like it we don't do it.